Packy, who loved bowling

The crowd packed in to watch Packy Hanrahan at Nutmeg Lanes.

Packy Hanrahan knows how to draw a crowd.

With every frame he bowled Thursday, more people gathered to watch him and the more they gathered, the quiteer it became every time he bowled.

I could feel the pressure, Packy didn’t.

With an entire alley watching he calmly knocked down 23 straight strikes en route to back-to-back games of 290 and 300.

That is like throwing a one hitter and the next time out pitching a perfect game, it is unheard of in high school bowling.

I have been to the final bowling match the last two years and both times it was pretty exciting.

Last year Greenwich won it’s first state title and this year they won their second but it was Hanrahan that provided the thrills.

After his game he shook many hands but it was the old timers, the guys that are probably at the alley several times a week, that stuck out to me. Hanrahan was greeted by several of these old salts, all of whom had huge smiles on their faces.

They know how great what just happened was and now, so do I.

Scott Ericson