Q&A with GA’s Pam Schulman

Pam Schulman on the field hockey field for GA.

Greenwich Academy’s Pam Schulman was recently named to the All-New England Prep ice hockey team.

Schulman, a senior at GA, will be attending Middlebury where she will play ice and field hockey next year.

Schulman was second-team All-American in field hockey.

We recently caught up with Schulman for an Extra Time Q and A.

GT: How did you end up choosing to play two sports at Middlebury?

PS: I always wanted to play ice hockey in college and looked at a lot of Division I and II schools and never really considered playing field hockey in college until my junior year and Ms. T (Angela Tammaro) told me to consider it.

GT: Were the coaches at GA helpful in the college process?

PS: They were incredibly helpful. Moe Tarrant guided me through this and both coaches have prepared me for this for the last four years. I was torn about what to play in college and Moe said to me, “which sport would you marry?” and for me that was always ice hockey.

GT: Do you think GA helped prepare you for what lies ahead both athletically and academically?

PS: My coaches have taught me how to cooperate and be part of a team and taught me that preparation is the most important thing if you want to be successful. I would not be playing sports in college if not for them. As far as academics, I think GA is tough academically that if I can get through that I know I can handle anything. Time managemnet will be the biggest thing for me playing two sports but I learning that balance will be easier becasue of GA.

GT: What is your greatest accomplishment athletically at GA?

PS: What stands out to me is the teams I ave been on and the relationships I have developed with my teammates and coaches. The New England championship in field hockey was unforgettable but the friendships mean more to me. I feel like the awards are transient. They are an incredible honor but the relationships I have built are more valuable to me.

Scott Ericson