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Cobb’s Mill Opening for Mother’s Day

New Name!

Just had a tour from a good friend, Drew Friedman(new owner), of the entirely spiffed up Cobb’s Mill Inn complex.

All the permits have been issued. Elayne Cassara, partner, has done a wonderful job decorating and giving her eye to making things real nice.

Domenic Cocchia, general manager, has over-seen rather huge kitchen renovations and modernizations.

Lets face it–the place had assumed a state of disrepair and needed a lot of work. I am astounded by all they have done just to get it operational.

But now–more than just operational–it has a whole new look inside.


Tonight there will be a band playing in the bar however, the menu will be limited until May 22nd at which point the facility will be fully operational.

Tomorrow, Mother’s Day, they will be open and are accepting reservations.

Good luck my friends! and congrats!

Pewter Bar from the ship Normandy (with view of the falls)

Cobb's Mill Inn

New lounge--looking sweet