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Classy Cars / Interesting People-car show continues Sunday

I spent a lot of time over by the Lotus tent. Jaclyn was kind enough to let me take her picture. Photo: Todd Tracy

The Greenwich Concours d’Elegance car show is known for being pretty much the classiest—in the elegance category. Going to the show—and you can still make it—provides more than eye candy—it’s a good time.

Errol Flynn's car. Photo: Todd Tracy

I was taken aback, by how friendly everyone was, Saturday, the first of two days. Every car is an antique. My favorite car was Errol Flynn’s because he is one of my heroes.

“The idea of 16 cylinders is about being smooth—not power,” said Mr. Gillet, an elegant man himself, owner of a striking 1930 Cadillac. He was careful to point out the “pilot rays” that turn with the steering.

Mr. Gillet

John Dolan and his wife, Denise, were very proud to dress the part and invited me to a little picnic—such as it would have been like 70 years ago. His 47 Ford Sportsman Super Deluxe sported some fine woodwork. “The light colored wood is maple from Northeast Ohio and the dark colored wood is Philippine mahogany. The car has power windows and a power top but it’s hydraulically powered,” he mentioned.

Denise Dolan

Denise Dolan

“Continental was a separate division of Ford starting in 1954 and folded back in to Lincoln in 1958,” explained Barry Wolk, from Michigan, standing by his 1956 Continental Mark 3 Convertible. “I do five or six shows a year, these are all charity events, so we get to do good while having some fun.”

One of the 35 or so judges, Rich Doucette, from Boston, summed things up nicely, “I love the show I’ve been coming for years. The weather broke–we were all nervous. The car gods were in favor of us. Fantastic cars, better every year, delighted to be here, hope to be here for years to come.”

I asked Rich about the criteria for judging and he explained that it was all about the elegance. “The hoods are not opened, the engines are not started,” he explained.

“The theme for Sunday is more European,” judge Rick Kerry, from Mystic, told me. “For now I’m wandering the field looking to see what I’m going to vote for—for Best in Show.”

Judge Rich Doucette

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