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Darien Car Show–Beautiful: day, cars, people

2011 Ferrari at Darien Car Show Photo: Todd Tracy

Charlie England, Manager–Darien Collectors’ Car Show, was in top form Sunday, Father’s Day. All procedes from the show are going to Aging In Place, a program designed to help Darien seniors. He had planned for 120 cars to take part but was ready to make room for more.

“You can look at all the people here. To quote Al Pacino, it’s kind of like the scent of a woman, the people who care about these cars—just want to be part of it,” Charlie explained, wearing his orange shorts.

The 50 year old Galaxie 500 has been owned by Hank Gioeilla since 1968, when he bought it for $900 dollars. Hank was Paul Newman’s race car photographer from 1970 to 1985.

“I took the photos of the first race he ever won-up at Lime Rock. He had a Datsun 510 set up by Bob Sharp. He had his daughter in the car during the victory lap. I gave him 10 8-by-10 blow ups the next week and we became friends. He introduced me to other people like AJ Foyt and Mario Andretti,” Hank described, in yellow vest.

Mike Scheidel, founder of the New England Auto Museum, was excited to tell me about his new facility. “It will be about 75,000 square feet on the 229 corridoor between Bristol and Southington. Full auto museum and education facility, it will have about 120 cars with displays and classes for kids. We want to get into the STEM program(Science Technology Education & Manufacturing),” he said in his white collared shirt with red round logo, after driving 75 miles per hour to get to Darien.

Tony Panero, from Stamford, owns 7 collector cars. “I got two 37 Buicks, one’s a slant back that was in the God Father movie in 1973,” he told me while sitting, wearing sunglasses, a white shirt and khakis. “I’ve been collecting and showing cars for 30 years.”

Andy Sherwood owns the car that Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, “were always escaping from the police in—in the movie To Catch a Thief,” he said while describing his 54 Sunbeam Roadster, in his yellow cap.

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