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It was one of those typical summer days. It had been getting hotter and hotter all week. Then, yesterday, the humidity began to build. It was downright sticky.

Dark clouds were rolling in. Not long after noon there was a rumbling noise above Westport. A few innocent drips of water fell from the sky.

I was riding my bicycle on Ford Road where the fly fishermen fish. Nobody was there, odd. I wasn’t sure if it was really going to rain.

-Crack- lightning within my vicinity. OK, the bike has rubber tires but suddenly I was worried.-Crack- more lightning over-head and the the sky opened up. Within a moment I was completely soaked.

“Must get to Oscars Deli,” I was telling myself. I made it unscathed, wetter and wiser.

Of course, now that I was sitting under the awning, eating my lunch, it wasn’t raining. Mary told me that Main Street had filled up with water and was flooded for a few moments before the water drained away. The umbrellas and chairs were blown against the plate glass windows. Debris from Main Street’s trees had been flung to the ground and was scattered about the sidewalks. “It was like a mini tornado,” she said.

-Boom- more thunder and the clouds opened up again. From the safety of the awning I was able to snap a few photographs.

When the storm had passed the air was much cooler and the streets were washed clean. This happens every year.