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Monthly Archive for August, 2012

: August, 2012

The New Levitt Pavilion

I clearly remember the day the band shell was put up. That was something. A new outdoor performance stage facility downtown. It was glorious, the new Levitt. I was just a little kid, probably the

A Saab Story

Ever driven a Saab? Well I had, once, years ago. It was wonderful, so wonderful that last year, a few weeks before hurricane Irene hit, I bought a new(new for me) used one. I was so excited. Imagine

A Good Road to Ride

Rainbow Lover

I was walking over the little bridge at Old Mill beach early this evening. That little house in the middle of the pond is amazing because it never changes, it just sits there like it always has and

50 Dutch Miles

Growing up in Westport I didn’t give history much thought, my mind was elsewhere. With colonial styled homes in town….., let me put it another way; I was aware that there was a historical record of

Maps & Dutch Culture

The huts they built on the island where he and his crew camped that winter represent the first European settlement in the area. With the Tyger burned and sunken to the bottom of what would be upper

Templeton (6lf21) & the first Westporter

The early to middle woodland periods correspond to about the time of Christ in Connecticut. We have to go back much further than that. We are going up the Shepaug River back a full ten thousand years.

Robot lands at Mars–Big Questions

Ray Bradbury, who recently passed away, was a science fiction writer. In the late 40’s he wrote The Martian Chronicles. The compiled collection of shorts tell a future history of man’s attempts at the

Obama lands at Westport

Today the President of the United States Barack Obama landed in Westport, by helicopter, at Sherwood Island State Park. The beach was closed for security. Secret Service men were seen around town,

Dacha Days

The Secret Dacha Have you ever read one of those novels, maybe it’s set in Russia during the cold war, if it’s summer, they head straight for the dacha? Everything is different at the dacha. The days