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Play Misty for Me

Matunuck is not that far.

Columbus Day weekend activities brought us up to the South County Rhode Island Beach town of Matunuck. This was my friend’s favorite place to hang out when he was kid, in the summers. Matunuck is seasonal. I was feeling adventurous. The drive was quick.

Just off season and the waves were pounding the surf and echoed in thick fog. The Ocean Mist, an apt title, as the restaurant was situated on the beach. There was substantial mist at times but the sun was brightly shining this weekend also.

However, I must say that rendezvousing at the Ocean Mist reminded me of the Clint Eastwood film Play Misty For Me, obviously Misty was shot in California. Looking out over the Ocean, facing due south, there was a very special shimmering of light on the waves, from the deck positioned over the water. All rather exotic with it’s beautiful beach houses clumped together and spread out. Like a European farming coastal village.

The contrast of the bright green fields against the ocean will always be remembered. This place totally fits as we were reminded that Eric did indeed know his ports of call with an uncanny knack as an ocean going engineer would have known.

It’s just off I-95, north of the casinos from Westport, it’s the off season now–I’m always looking for a bargain. The town has it’s own form of housing—the random beach hut or house. To me I was very impressed with the orientation of the homes to the water, the green grass and swaths of farmland interspersed in visually expanding plots of all different shapes and sizes.

Another thing occurred to me was that all the names were Indian names like Misquamicut, Weekapaug, Quonochontaug and such, I had come across the book– The History of the Indians of Connecticut by John William De Forest in 1851, without our modern technical inventions it however becomes a good reference. I was reminded that I didn’t yet finish my studies; about how Adriaen Block, in 1614, sailed and mapped and encountered those tribes.

The symbolic irony of the fact that it was Columbus Day Weekend and it all came together as a perfect storm of adventure and exploration. I sailed around in Potter Pond which would have been ambitious if we had, using the rig that we had, been any closer to the place where it lets out into the ocean.