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Marilyn Monroe & More Weather

I must admit I had become seduced by the idea of Marilyn Monroe staying down at the beach in Westport. It was the mid-50’s and Marilyn’s business/personal life continued to evolve. She teamed up with Westonite photographer Milton Greene and launched Marilyn Monroe Productions.

But seeing the snow today has cooled off any remaining romantic notions. The seasonal transitions would appear to be happening earlier in the season. The very early snowstorm last year, the brilliant early spring and the snow today November 7th.

I have become weary of the weather. A constant battle to regain a sense of order or normalcy. The bitterly frigid arctic air streaming down from the north adding to the sense of urgency and commitment. A wake up call for pragmatic alertness. If this storm hits—it’s already snowing—what has to get done?

Marilyn Monroe Productions will have to wait for another afternoon where the lost pages from her memoirs can be given a thorough going over. For now we can only speculate about her time at the beach. Maybe launching the little motor-boat and going out for a cruise with Joe.