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Art Auction–Poland

Today November 8th, the biggest art auction Poland has ever had, at Dom Aukcyjny Desa Unicum.

“Photo gallery curator Anna Wolska presents a photo of Marylin Monroe and Arthur Miller by the late celebrity photographer Milton H. Greene, in Warsaw, Poland, Friday, July 20, 2012. AP Photo/Alik Keplicz.”

New York City, two secret boxes, stored away in obscurity for decades. The photographs, taken by Westonite Milton Greene, had been transferred to the Polish government from New York as part of a financial settlement.

Of the 240 Milton Greene original prints, to be auctioned today, many are of Marilyn Monroe. The Polish State Archives are holding the remaining approximately 3600 pieces of the collection.

Marilyn would stay in Westport from time to time, at her secret bungalow locations. We need only imagine the circumstances. At that time in her career Milton Greene was helping to re-brand her, making her image more alluring and more sophisticated. She began a new period of training and sought out instruction from Lee Strasberg of The Actors Studio in New York.

The Seven Year Itch had wrapped production, released in 1955, the scene with the white skirt was filmed in NYC and she divorced Joe DiMaggio two months later. She would live at Old Mill Beach with playwright Arthur Miller, her new husband.

Photo: Milton H Greene