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Chimerical Developments Downtown

Recent Developments Downtown:

The Pond

The DMA has taken pecuniary action with respect to the Christmas/ Holiday lights downtown. They made it happen big-time!! Also rumor mill has it that they are looking into getting about 22 street lamps for Main Street at a cost of between 6-10 thousand per—doing the math—that is between 132000- 220000 dollars—installed ( the only hang up at this point being the exact stylization of the lamps themselves; old timey or modern). The Tree Warden is not happy with prospects for planting trees on Main Street because the sidewalks are not wide enough to his liking but good specimens are being considered, locusts/others, and people are working on ways to make it happen.

Downtown is becoming home to agglomerations of new restaurants. The Spotted Horse is in the lead and striding comfortably. The new contenders; Pink Sumo at 4 Church Lane, Bar Taco at 20 Wilton Rd., Moja at 12 Wilton Road, something is going in to the Old Post office and something is going into the Old Bogies. Possibly a new layout for the Wild Pear if zoning is agreeable. Did I miss one?

It would seem everything is coming together in a chimerical way 🙂