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The View

The view from Westport is quite expansive.

The New Freedom Tower looks a little like Led Zeppelin iconography from 1976.

I can remember seeing the Twin Towers from Sherwood Island State Park jutting out from the haze as a child. I was in Manhattan last week and pleased to see the progress of the Freedom Tower climbing. I had lunch with a gentleman who told me the story of his new office in the south tower, he was delayed by the cable guy at his apartment that fateful morning. Last week the tower was shrouded in fog. The weather has not been to my liking the last couple months but this morning the sun shining brightly all over Westportland reminds me of the fresh start, clarity, and spring time just around the corner. It will be nice to see the new tower from Westport’s shoreline

From Compo one can easily make out huge swaths of the Long Island coastline. The various islands just off our beachhead labeled Archipelago by Adrian Block almost 400 years ago as he was the first European to draw the local map. The ferry to Port Jefferson, who’s regularity could be used to set a time piece, spotted from points along our shore. The waters of the sound dotted by sails in warmer months. Clammers and speed boaters bobbing in the usually calm waters.

From the Rolnick Observatory I have spied spots on the sun, with help from special filters. The whole of the universe is there to be seen from the highest topograghical point in town, deemed good enough for cold war missile tracking it’s always been good enough for me.

From Main Street one can lend their gaze upon those international conglomerates trading their wares, this one trending fashionable and that one moving away from popular style. The shoppers downtown have international tastes, Paris and Milan have nothing on our concrete catwalk. And all the best new cars are on display, no lack of checking them out while waiting in traffic. Parking has been horrible this shopping season. In the lot behind Achorn’s(where it used to be) we achieved full gridlock the other day. I couldn’t believe it when someone had parked, not in a spot but, where we usually drive, unfathomable rudeness.

In the late 70's it was rumor'd that Fawcett was renting the house with the indoor pool by the beach.

From Westport we can see world political leaders and Hollywood movie moguls. The window from which Marilyn Monroe looked out over Old Mill Cove is still there, in that quaint rooming house from an era gone by. The local boys were said to ride their bicycles by frequently in hopes of catching a glimpse of her. I used to see Paul Newman all the time at Oscar’s–or–waiting in line at the Fine Art’s Theater.

All the latest developments in large scale housing are on display. I think 85% of the homes in town have won one an architectural award or another. We have beach houses and Frank Loyd Wright types, we went through that weird 70’s modern phase along with centuries old colonials. Split-level ranches and huge art barns. Stone Tudor castles and horse farms. Apple orchards lining the Post Road.

Acts of the revolutionary war were played out along our footpaths. George Washington stopped by on more than one occasion to drum up support for his armed rebellion. Great novels were pecked away at here in town. Farrah Fawcett had a swim in her indoor pool.

Westport has seen the ice age and the industrial age. Our little town has seen rock stars like Jim Morrison and Jimmy Page perform at the high school. All these things are for us to behold if only one could sit in one place and wait long enough. But you don’t want to wait to long. Unfortunately you won’t recognize the history in front of you because you will be too young to understand the significance or too old for anyone to care.

George Washington forded the Saugatuck at Westport and stopped in at a little tavern downtown for a beer to chat with the local militia leaders on his way to Concord to take command of the Continental Congress.