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Good Feeling:- ‘New Year’

This is year is going to be the greatest yet. Huge, wonderful things will unfold in every facet of life. I have always had an uncanny knack for predictions, very specific in nature.

  1. Life will be discovered on Mars. The evidence won’t come from the rover or NASA, I don’t want to give it away—I promised to remain hush hush about the details until later on in the spring.
  2. Downtown Westport will continue to be developed. At least one of the new restaurants will fail but the others will do as well as the Spotted Horse.
  3. The Save The Children building will be sold for 20 million dollars, condos will replace it, they will cost a lot of money—no one will buy them and the property will be repossessed by the bank and rented out for senior housing.

Quatrain # 2

  1. Obama will land in an Ospry vertical landing jet at Winslow Park to see a performance at the playhouse. Bill Clinton will make the rounds at Splash on a Sunday afternoon in early August—a reggae band will play a Marley tune.
  2. Mcmansions will be torn down to make way for the new onion crop as drought in other states send the price of onions higher than a troy ounce of gold—pound for pound.
  3. The Saugatuck River will swell beyond it’s banks and carve a new course by-passing Westport altogether. The dry river bed will be filled in to create the green necklace nature walk.

Quatrain # 4

  1. The new Levett Pavilion will be so nice that the Rolling Stones will insist on using it as a rehearsal stage everyday for six months, at full volume.
  2. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will have a child and move to Westport for the schools. They will film a reality TV special using select Westport locations as a backdrop.
  3. Sherwood Island will be sold by the state and developed into an international airport for small private jets—Sherwood International.

Quatrain # 5

  1. Staples High School goes private, I saw this one coming. Those who can’t afford tuition are bussed to Bridgeport schools.
  2. The members of Saugatuck Church convert to Judaism.
  3. Parking is banned on Main Street—instead of bricking it over it is turned into a mud track for horse and carriage.

All of this and more await. The master plan has been set in motion for the happiest of new years.