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Modern Conveniences

My day started with such promise. There was one book however that I just had to have. The exact title of which is of no consequence. The book is older so I thought I might check Google Books first. It can be very convenient to search “book title” and add “full version” to the query. Well it wasn’t available as an ebook. Darn. Barns & Noble—not there either—out of print. Next up–the Westport Public Library—they didn’t have it—rats. There were a few used copies available on Amazon but I couldn’t wait that long, nor did I want to pay that price. The Pequot Library in Southport to the rescue.

As I arrived I was filled with satisfaction of the wonderful reading I was about to enjoy. They had it. I snuggled up in a large club chair in the reading room, I was in heaven. Just my kind of place. I was a little chilly in there though. I wanted my coffee too. A thought popped into my mind; it shouldn’t be too hard to take pictures of each page. I wanted the book. Checking it out would not do. I had to have my own copy. I was able to snap a pic of all 250 pages in about 25 minutes. This was great.

On the way home I decided to stop at Verizon to update my phone. Unfortunately there were customers ahead of me in line. I inquired with one of the “Reps”, he told me to, “have a seat and relax.”

I needed coffee and they had one of those instant coffee machine. I wasn’t feeling relaxed. I waited and waited. Each customer before me asked every conceivable question about wireless activity. And every-time the Rep had to go ask another Rep for the answer. Waiting and waiting–I was in there for over an hour and my business took only about a minute. I was well relieved at walking out of there.

Off to go read. But I was getting hungry. This time I figured I would call Planet Pizza and have them deliver exactly what I wanted. Then I could eat and read and exist in a gluttonous state. I knew exactly the kind of foods I wanted, I couldn’t stop thinking about the food that I wanted.

When the guy arrived with my food I was in ecstasy. One problem, he didn’t have change for a hundred. Oh, come on…I asked him, “how should we handle it?”

He didn’t know. Well I wasn’t going to let him walk away with my food and he wasn’t going to walk away without money—catch 22. I told him I would drive back down to Planet Pizza, right next to the Verizon store in the Compo Shopping Center, and pay there. He said well, “here is your food.” He handed me the parcels containing that which I wanted. I put it inside on the chair.

I drove all the way down there, paid, and then all the way back. I wasn’t in a bad mood I just wanted food and to read my book.

When I got back I ran straight for the chair where I had placed the food not fifteen minutes before. But It wasn’t there. It was all over the floor. The dog had gotten to it. Such a cute little doggy. There were some chunks left uneaten. I had a couple bites. I decided that it just wasn’t my day and threw the lot out and went to sleep.

One day I will read that book.