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Let’s talk about flooding.

First of all–flooding is the worst. If you are lucky enough not to have experienced it consider yourself lucky.

The pathos of a water event is ingrained into human consciousness. The Bible talks about it early on. It just ruins things. Disrupts family life and wreaks havoc on insurance actuary tables(skews data).

Westport, it’s very nature, is close to the water. Old Mill Beach, Saugatuck Shores, downtown and the houses near Compo all enjoy life at water’s edge. When I think of Westport and beach living the first things that pop into my mind are girls in bikinis followed by water-sports, the cannons and everything else.

Man in the Moon

But there is that other side–the dark side. The moon, normally a good friend, can turn the tide against you. There is a man in the moon and I will always argue that point. However, having achieved an A in probabilities and statistics, recently, at Fairfield University, I am reminded frequently of Nassim Taleb, author of “Fooled By Randomness” and other tomes, when far out lying events coalesce to whip up a ‘perfect storm’ of seemingly unrelated instances to destroy the fruits of hard labor and the value of good family life /property.

Tropical storms occurring either very late or very early in the season, sometimes out of season, are more frequently pushing water into Long Island Sound creating higher than usual tides. The documentary evidence of such published on this very blog. What are the chances of such coincidental coalescing, as if by supernatural conspiracy, between the the storm God Zeus and a certain orbiting body’s gravitational effects/affects? Apparently pretty good and getting better.

Dark clouds and a sense of doom pervading happy times: Must history repeat itself, is man doomed to live his days ignorant of the lessons learned only generations previously? Am I calling for the building of a new Ark?  The answer is yes to the first and no to the latter. However, it would be dumb not to consider new scientific information just put across my desk.

The Weather Channel. Com, or whatever that website is called that I have been checking in on more than my Facebook friends,  just published an article yesterday about new scientific evidence; climate change is slowing down the ocean flowing water current known as the Gulf Stream. Normally this kind of thing wouldn’t concern me, however, the unintended consequence of the stream slowing(or dying) is that more water hangs around the East Coast. Potentially 3 feet of more water.

Traditional pic of people getting ready for a water type events

I was recently in attendance at a P&Z meeting where the topic of discussion was the BFE. I wasn’t sure if they were talking about Bum F*** Egypt, The Biofeedback Federation of Europe, the Bochs Front-End debugger, Black Forest Engineering or the Base Flood Elevation. It turned out to be the latter. I was trying to understand how this was to be calculated but I couldn’t. One has to start with the mean High Tide, not the high tide or the low. It was getting complicated while discussing afterword with a friend. Since we couldn’t readily understand exactly how the P&Z was calculating the BFE we called FEMA. They directed us to the local FEMA coordinator of tides and such which was the Westport P&Z.

Anyway, this whole thing needs to shaken down and simplified so simple God fearing folk can understand.