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99 Years-Underground

Ovid was banished from Rome by Augustus because his widely popular guide to seduction, secret sex and adultery was too much for the emperor. Augustus’s married daughter had been implicated in multiple sex scandals. So I go and buy his “Metamorphosis”, all about change, myths and transformation.

“The Name of the Rose” by Umberto Eco is actually first up on the chopping block. That is where I put them on deck for immediate action. Scholarly review forthcoming.

“Grimm’s Fairy Tales” volume 1 and 2 are ready to go. Rather dark reading for children but I like these little stories. The lessons are timeless, Germanic wood-devils tempting maidens, a good balance of real life, strife and magic.

Oh and the 2020 committee, as I was just reading at the First Selectman’s news blog, has been working on some magic of their own: It has been announced that the Westport Art’s Center wants to lease Jesup Green from the town for 99 years!!!

All the details haven’t been worked out but the logic flows from the view that “we don’t have a town green”. The plan is to build a underground parking garage into the hill, our town green ( wow this sounds familiar–who would have guessed).

Apparently there are three people who have donated millions of dollars to build on Jesup Green–a new arts center. “They want to see it built”

Sounds kind of scary, but they are calling it an “arts campus” which sounds kind of cool.

Unfortunately if all the parking along the river is displaced and replaced with underground parking garages such as the 100 space underground lot Bedford Square is building the whole mood of downtown becomes dark concrete.

As the title of this blog is “The Green”, as in Jesup Green, (the town green behind the town hall when I was a child) we take special note that events and plot points are unfolding like a Fairy Tale.

But I have an open mind and I anxiously await the detailed plan and P&Z reaction!!

I have sort of been calling this out for like 1 year and a half and tonight they have made their bold proposal.

A new 25 million dollar library will share a campus with the WAC.

All parking along river to be displaced and we haven’t even hired the consultant yet.

What do you think the odds of the consultant saying, “leave the parking along the river” are?

No, the first thing the consultant will say is “all the parking to be moved underground for 99 years.”

Ok, back to Umberto for now, but we are going to have fun breaking down every little detail in coming posts. With special annotations  highlighted.