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Time For Lyme Gala

I have a crush on Ally Hilfiger. She’s quirky and fun. I asked her if I could take her picture and she said “OK”. I hit the wrong button and the camera went into some ‘other mode’, long seconds passed. I said hold on “one second” and fumbled. I was ready, then it happened again. She waited patiently smiling. It was getting awkward as I was trying to figure it all out and she was like, when is this guy going to take the picture. But she smiled and was really cool.

Ally Hilfiger

Steve Hash

Anyway, she has a boyfriend, Steve Hash, artistic director for Warner Music Group. I hear he’s some sort of creative genius/designer or something like that.

Fashion is not my strong point. Luckily, I ran into a couple of girls, Susan Duclos gave me the ‘lo-down’. She said, “your at the wrong party,” and kindly walked me to the other side of the lobby where the real action was happening.

There they were; Tommy Hilfiger, Governor  Dannel P. Malloy and Tommy Mottola. Mottola has always been one of my idols for the singular reason of his being the CEO/ Chairman of the Sony Music Group(former). He’s the kind of guy who can make things happen. He decides if they are happening.

Dee Ocleppo

Dee Ocleppo, designer and wife of Tommy Hilfiger, was also in attendance, she is a stunner, tall /statuesque–a classic beauty. Ally’s mom, Susie Hilfiger, was there also looking good, they were all there to support the effort to find a cure and better treatments for Lyme disease.

Yolanda Foster was the featured Special Guest. She is the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills’ David Foster(composer, music mogul & current head of Verve Music Group). Yolanda gave an impassioned speech about her personal experience with Lyme disease and how it took months to be properly diagnosed. She was graceful as she described the toll upon the lives of her children and the support she received from her husband.  The crowd, listening over dinner, was moved to a standing ovation as she finished her remarks.

Yolanda Foster

So after I had taken about ten pictures of Governor Malloy he walks up to me and says, “So, who are you?” I told him I have a blog with the Westport News and that I take pictures for Hearst. He told me I could take one more picture if I could make him look more hansom. No problem–

CT Senator Richard Blumenthal gave a good speech. The Event Chairs were Ally Hilfiger, Mark Hopwood and Brett Kristoff. The money raised for Lyme research, at the event, totaled into the hundreds of thousands.

Everyone was upbeat, save for a few tears during Yolanda’s talk, and the location at the Hyatt Regency was glimmering at full capacity. The auction was run super-efficiently like clockwork. Ron Wood, guitar player for the Rolling Stones, donated one of his paintings. Everybody was there to give.

CT Governor Dannel P. Malloy at the Time For Lyme Gala in Greenwich CT 4/6/2013 Photo: Todd Tracy

Thalia & Tommy Mottola at the Time For Lime Gala 4/6/2013 Photo: Todd Tracy

Tommy Hilfiger at the Time For Lyme Gala in Greenwich 4/6/2013 Photo: Todd Tracy

Dee Ocleppo, Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Mottola, Ally Hilfiger at the Time For Lyme Gala in Greenwich 4/6/2013 Photo: Todd Tracy

Ira Joe Fisher speaking at the Time For Lyme Gala in Greenwich 4/6/2013 Photo: Todd Tracy

CT Senator Richard Blumenthal and Diane Blanchard at the Time For Lyme Gala in Greenwich 4/6/2013 Photo: Todd Tracy

Yolanda Foster Television Star/Special Guest Speaker at the Time For Lyme Gala in Greenwich 4/6/2013 Photo: Todd Tracy