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Tucker West not bringing home Russian Bride from Games

Ridgefield–   Tuesday

The 18 year old Ridgefielder, Tucker West, currently ranked 22nd in the world as a luge operator at the Olympics in Sochi, has received more than 20 marriage proposals this week following his father’s statement to the world media that he is single.

Ridgefielder Tucker West

Ridgefielder Tucker West

Tucker had a pretty good chuckle when asked this morning by a NBC sportscaster whether he would be bringing a wife home from Russia.

The young man went on to explain that his participation in the opening ceremonies was “probably” one of the greatest moments of his life “so far”.

It is definitely not a sign that I am getting older, a recurring theme that has been picking up steam on this blog, over the years, that I’ve been watching the Sochi coverage and wondering why all the competitors look and act quite young. The fact is they have been getting younger faster than I’ve been getting older.


So it goes, I’ve been up in Ridgefield this week visiting family and watching. I have been pleasantly surprised at learning about Tucker’s home-made luge track in his back yard, right around the corner from my Dad’s house. And, watching the Olympics have been so much fun, normally I find them a snooze fest. Probably the fact that my back has been out of sorts, as of late, and every Olympic performance has me grimacing with the thought of my back having to withstand all that crazy activity; flying through the air, hitting the moguls and speed skating with my back hunched over like that.

Also, it has been wonderful to learn about Russian culture and see Vladimir looking on so proudly, warms my heart.