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Todd Tracy

Gunn House Crowding Monster

Wow, it’s much worse than I thought it would be; the new location of the Gunn house on Elm Street. The old location was set back from the road. The new spot is towering over Elm Street, maybe 2 feet from the street. They should have hired a designer before they executed this catastrophic blunder. […] [Read More]
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Sunshine Fantasy

This morning — as I approached the downtown area from the west side of the bridge I couldn’t help but to notice how the sun was shining down upon Saugaland/ or Saugatonia. It was absolutely breath taking, the sunshine took my breath away! I came upon the newly cleared away facade of the old YMCA […] [Read More]

Out On a Limb

I will never forget that early morning a few years back. I was in my studio composing rather complicated musical arrangements for one of these popular BBC tele programs. “What in order?”  “that noise!” “why should there be the sound of a chain saw, so early in the morning, on Main Street?” I thought out-loud […] [Read More]

Downtown Ghosts

I don’t hardly see real people downtown anymore, mostly only ghosts. Tony, with a quirky spasmodic fit, points to his empty coffee cup. The ashes, as if falling from his face, tumble through time, from my memory, somehow make it to the area near the ashtray filled with stumbled-out Camel non-filters. The waitress brings me […] [Read More]

Property Rights Battle Looming

Got an email from David Waldman the other day. He is concerned about a new text amendment to the P&Z laws (#672). Text 672 will be the subject of discussion Thursday evening at Town Hall. As I read his letter the standout idea that popped into my mind was property rights! If I were to […] [Read More]

Wind & Cold this morning(video)

It was shockingly cold and windy this morning. I was actually woken by the wind. I guess that’s just how it is when the seasons change. Check out the video of the wind this morning — short clips….   [Read More]
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Flying Through Fall

Click on photos for more rez! [Read More]
Sexy Devil -- where is the moral outrage?

Institutionalized Necrophilia

Small town U.S.A. – Lower Fairfield County The lights have been dimmed, candles lit. It is the evening of October 31st in the otherwise typical small town — Westport Connecticut. Little Johnny Smithers, 7 years old, blindfolded and trembling with fear, is instructed by members of his natural family to put his hand into a […] [Read More]

Got Schooled — PZ subcommittee

The priority of this blog is the street’s point of view. General parking issues fall under this editorial charge. So when my friend asked me to go to the parking sub-committee meeting of the P&Z department yesterday I was interested to listen-in about the parking issues. Though, I was anticipating participating only as a spectator […] [Read More]

Dating Scene Downtown

I am truly saddened that the Y is not downtown anymore. I remember being a wide eyed youngster of 10 years when the new Y opened in 1978. It was an amazing experience to jump off the 3 meter diving board. Oh, and the work-out center in the old firehouse was an outstanding renovation. To […] [Read More]