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Todd Tracy


Sociology and Westport Development

Sounds heady, but it’s not. It’s some basic underpinnings of the town of Westport and how they relate to future development plans.   1. Westport is all built out—99%. In the past if someone wanted to build a development in Westport all they had to do was buy the property and develop it, as they […] [Read More]
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Books Read Twice

Ice Station Zebra, Where Eagles Dare and The Guns of Navarrone twice. Bear Island, Circus and HMS Ulysses once. Having read some Alistair MacClean when I was a kid—I had to go back and read over again, just to make sure. Smiley’s People was a two timer. Smiley himself is such an interesting character. You […] [Read More]
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Pokhara Nepal

New Pad

Oh yes, got new pad! I was just arranging things in my new pad; putting them away, setting up the computers and all the equipment. I have certain requirements; I like to be close to town; surrounded by nature; quiet at night—deep quiet. But, I have to admit, I had considered other towns besides Westport. […] [Read More]
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

The Westport Perception: Is it real?

We can put perceptions of Westport into two distinctly different categories: One is the perception of a town by those who have lived here; the other is how Westport is perceived by those who have only heard accounts in the media, personal or otherwise. I must begin by portraying a funny little anecdote. During my […] [Read More]
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Lonnie 'Mega*Nut' Marshall

Lonnie Marshall and the True Funk School

    Funk legend Lonnie ‘Mega*Nut’ Marshall’s band Weapon of Choice has just released a 13 song album of spankin new material entitled Really Relevant featuring Norwood Fisher (from Fishbone) and George Clinton (the founder of Parliament Funkadelic). Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers recalls– “I’ve totally copped riffs off him.” As is par […] [Read More]

What A Difference Warm Sunny Day Makes

A warm sunny day can make all the difference in the world for a soul tired, beaten down and weary of wintry mixes of precipitation falling for months on end. It must have something to with psychology or just the way human beings are wired. When that sun came out the other day, yesterday, it was […] [Read More]
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Ridgefielder Tucker West

Tucker West not bringing home Russian Bride from Games

Ridgefield–   Tuesday The 18 year old Ridgefielder, Tucker West, currently ranked 22nd in the world as a luge operator at the Olympics in Sochi, has received more than 20 marriage proposals this week following his father’s statement to the world media that he is single. Tucker had a pretty good chuckle when asked this […] [Read More]
Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy need to know how you feel about proposed changes to the ABI Waiver. The folks at CT BISN don't want any changes. Photo: Todd Tracy / Hearst Media Group

Welcome To Brain Injury

  In the state of Connecticut there are currently 434 brain injury survivors receiving benefits through what is called the ABI Waiver. This program, supervised by the Department of Social Services (DSS), has been highly successful in helping survivors to move back into their homes, and thus, saving the state millions of dollars. Living at […] [Read More]
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David Leepson has already won 6 Emmys, more could be in store

Westport’s David Leepson: Exec Producer: Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills

David Leepson is the executive producer of the smash success reality TV show RICH KIDS OF BEVERLY HILLS. I love it when a hometown kid grows up to achieve great things. Congratulations on your new show Dave!! Check out Huffington Post article here.   [Read More]
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Beyonce looking good at Grammy's opening 2014

Westporter Nile Rogers up there for highest honor of the night

The Grammys were very interesting to watch last night. I was only able to get through the first 2 and 3/4 hours however. Beyonce’s opening number was beyond sexy, beyond provocative … it was cool dark and mysterious. Jay-z came out to finish off the song– “Drunk In Love”. I can say from experience, attending […] [Read More]
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