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Move Muscle Change Thought

Picking up momentum from the last post; I was beginning to get into the mood of the bicycle ride having made it to the top of Sport Hill Road in Easton. The day was dreary but I was feeling in top
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Mood Follows Action

Yesterday I was feeling I needed to up my game with my cycling training. But it was going to rain at any minute. The hills I had in mind were a little too intense. I had to make some mechanical
Westport Connecticut Photo: Todd Tracy for The Green

A Story of Romance

As a small child I would dig my toes into the sand down at Compo. I would never forget that feeling; the top few inches were dry and burning hot but once the toes got in a little deeper they found the
Dark clouds loom over downtown Westport as all the anchors for the town center have been systematically removed all the people stay away / 9/13/2015 Photo; Todd Tracy for The Green

Emotional Anchors

I have been working on being real. My best friend has kind of confronted me about how I feel about different things. I hadn’t thought about my feelings for a while — maybe years. Then I started
Trees being cut down on Main Street Westport this morning. Photo : Todd Tracy / The Green 9/10/15

The Cutting of the Trees – not too shabby

So much has been done in the name of progress. The dropping of nuclear bombs on Japanese cities and the fire-bombing of Dresden are stand out way points along the path to creative destruction. And now
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Thoughts on Love

I’m sure there are plenty of clinical explanations, probably even more cynical ones. But those aren’t what I’m thinking about. The love I’m thinking about is pure and unadulterated. It would be more
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Hot August Nights / The Guns of August

It was a hot muggy August night, I was listening to an old live album from Neil Diamond, can’t remember the name, Live at the Greek or some such. The music was putting me in a sentimental mood. I was

Weird “down there”

Downtown is Weird Now! Downtown Westport has finally entered its weird phase, as it progresses through cultural evolutionary change. The weird part: Nobody is there…maybe peeps will come back after

Embracing Snobbery — it’s a good thing

For the old-school Westporters the change is immediately apparent. Westport is now a town full of snobs. Let me put it this way; if you grew up here and you haven’t moved to Fairfield – by now — you
Don Felder to play Westport 7/25/2015, co-writer of the song Hotel California by the Eagles!

Shining City on a Hill

Westport is shining bright this summer. The weather is absolutely fabulous. The sun has been rather penetrating. The humidity has been not too bad. The skies have been clear. The beach has been packed