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Todd Tracy

David Waldman

David Waldman – Leadership

David Waldman, first and foremost, is a Westporter. In recent years, however, he is becoming more and more a visionary leader. As a real estate developer he is slowly but consistently preserving those downtown landmarks that have made Westport exceptional and unique, yet simultaneously putting these properties that he either owns or manages to their […] [Read More]

Drew Friedman GUNN/History Speech

Moving the Gunn House Drew Friedman – 08/13/2014   Thank you for the opportunity to address you, and voice my opinions.   Moving the Gunn House to the Baldwin Parking Lot will require you to remove existing parking spaces from our municipal inventory for the building, and then dedicate a number more of those Baldwin […] [Read More]

The Westport Experience

Sometimes I look around the world, outside the Westport sphere, and I am absolutely dumbfounded by how lucky I am. The world is seemingly erupting into violence at every turn. This town has always felt like a safe cocoon; there is Westport and then there is everywhere else. I often complain about Westport going through […] [Read More]
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Stirring the Dragon’s Nest

At the first selectmen’s meeting on Wednesday morning it was obvious that Jim Marpe had already made up his mind about signing off on the lease of town-owned land for 99 years. He said, “I wish you had made these arguments at the P&Z meetings on the subject.” “We did, and the P&Z voted the […] [Read More]
Sigrid Schultz

Even Though

They want to put the Gunn-House in the Baldwin municipal parking lot; even though it will result in a net loss of 60-76 parking spaces. In light of the current parking issues this is insane. Even though the house will be completely gutted. Nothing of the original will remain, just the ugly shape. Even though […] [Read More]

Gunn House proposal logic falls apart

Have you ever taken a stroll down Myrtle Avenue? If you have you would notice a house, owned by Drew Friedman, 73 Myrtle Ave. It doesn’t look like it fits in with the rest in that row. All the other houses are Victorian era masterpieces until you come upon 73, 73 sticks out like a […] [Read More]

Getting Parking Samples

When going about trying to understand the parking dynamics downtown ‘broad-view’ metrics don’t reveal the reality on the scene! A planner would need to drill down much, much more, as I have done. I went in to every shop, about 3 years ago, just before I started this blog. I asked if there were any […] [Read More]
little league parade

All The Good Things

P&Z are the unsung heroes! Though I technically find default with the use of the’ most prime’ space in Westport for the Gunn house, I had never been quite so happy to watch the streaming video of the P&Z meeting on Thursday – how hard working, efficient and thoughtful all the members, taking an upbeat […] [Read More]
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World Not Coming to End, no cause for alarm

One of my favorite things to do is to go out in the rain; walking or riding, or just enjoying the relief from muggy times with water falling all around. What could be more natural. Nowadays, the post-modern era, I find it useful however, when a downpour begins, to put a small bucket of water […] [Read More]
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Identity crISIS

I’m having one, what else is new.   Westport is having one too. At least as far as I can tell, the signs are there.   Now for the disclaimer: I love Westport and everything about it. And it would ill me to think that someone thought I was being negative, no way, not me, […] [Read More]