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Todd Tracy

“Phase Tweeked” D-town plans to get

As if a fly on the wall at the Downtown Plan Steering workgroup meeting, I listened last night to the minutes from a couple days ago. “Why do I torture myself?” I mumbled and stumbled over to my rather expensive German coffee maker. “It’s what I know, downtown stuff/coffee!” I answered myself with thoughts to […] [Read More]

Remy Chevalier – Book Sale

Must see collection – acquired over decades…!!! Remy Chevalier is hosting an open house from March 1st to March 10th 10:30 AM to 5PM The Aquarium Reading Room at 10 Knight Street in east Norwalk is closing its doors in March and moving the eclectic environmental book collection to Weston. If anyone is interested in […] [Read More]

Seasonal Affective Disorder

“Good Lord, not another polar vortex!” is my all too common sentiment these dark days. Do you get depressed when the harsh reality of winter sets in? I know I do, but this year I’ve decided to do something about it. Check the Weather Channel — not looking good. The best thing to combat the […] [Read More]

How to get Smart Drugs?

It would seem that every time I turn on my computer these days I am confronted with another article about ‘Smart Drugs’. We all know what they are at this point, at least, you know about them if you’re smart. It’s no longer the dirty little secret of elite high school or university students. Now […] [Read More]
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Polypropylene of Political Propaganda

The year in political propaganda is kicking off to a great start. The most effective by far, so far, this year is ISIS or ISIL. I won’t even look at their propaganda, for me there is no need, I get their message loud and clear from just a couple still shots in the mainstream media. […] [Read More]

Blanketing White

With the wind whistling through the brush and leafless trees, and the cold crunching snow underfoot, it was entirely magnificent to lookout over the blanketing white expanse of the Saugatuck from the Levitt Pavilion today.   The sun was hanging in the sky, way up high, past 4PM! Would winter be ending soon? One could […] [Read More]

Why Plans Get Shelved

There are very specific reasons why master plans for downtown Westport don’t get to the implementation stage decade after decade! But first we need to lay a little groundwork. “We exist in a world of extraordinary abstraction. We have lost a sense of the real,” to quote Rory Stewart. “We are suffering from a tyranny […] [Read More]
Compo Beach 1/27/15 Photo: Todd Tracy

Snow-Graphica — a lost day

Lonely, bleak, desolation, an un-blizzard. The media hype kept people at home today. The empty streets called me by name – the wanderer! I found Dunkin Donuts open. McDonald’s was doing a brisk biz. But I have to tell you it was weird out there today. Every store downtown was closed but the beach was […] [Read More]
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Get Ready

With a huge blizzard about to blanket the region in possibly 3 feet of snow it’s a good idea to get ready! 1. Prepare for elecrical grid to go down. Gas for generator, batteries and candles. 2. Get to know your neighbors. 3. Do you have food enough for a few days? 4. Charge up […] [Read More]
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Snow Photo: Todd Tracy

Wet fluffy melting snow

It snowed about 4 inches last night by 6am. Wet fluffy melting snow. Plows were out in force as day was breaking across lower Fairfield County this morning. [Read More]
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