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Todd Tracy

Sexy Devil -- where is the moral outrage?

Institutionalized Necrophilia

Small town U.S.A. – Lower Fairfield County The lights have been dimmed, candles lit. It is the evening of October 31st in the otherwise typical small town — Westport Connecticut. Little Johnny Smithers, 7 years old, blindfolded and trembling with fear, is instructed by members of his natural family to put his hand into a […] [Read More]

Got Schooled — PZ subcommittee

The priority of this blog is the street’s point of view. General parking issues fall under this editorial charge. So when my friend asked me to go to the parking sub-committee meeting of the P&Z department yesterday I was interested to listen-in about the parking issues. Though, I was anticipating participating only as a spectator […] [Read More]

Dating Scene Downtown

I am truly saddened that the Y is not downtown anymore. I remember being a wide eyed youngster of 10 years when the new Y opened in 1978. It was an amazing experience to jump off the 3 meter diving board. Oh, and the work-out center in the old firehouse was an outstanding renovation. To […] [Read More]

Downtown by the river – pics


Charrette – couple good things

Well, I was watching again, over at They were wrapping up the Charrette — and to my surprise — the outside planning guy actually had a couple good ideas. I go by personality with these things. One of the guys was kind of cool. Anyway, the ideas they came up with, that I liked, […] [Read More]
Downtown photo: Todd Tracy

Labyrinthinian Future of Downtown

Downtown is a maze of little alley ways and cut thru-s; they were saying at the Cherette summery discussions Saturday; there could be more signage. I would suggest that downtown is best discovered on one’s own. That is the magic. Downtown has special little nooks and crannies. It was never planned. It just happened. I […] [Read More]

Vote “NO” on 677

Westport needs diversity Vote “NO” on 677 The issue has been raised that if the zoning rules remain how they are for town-owned land downtown, specifically for 60% of the units to be for low income seniors, that many Westport seniors would be too wealthy to qualify! Why should this be the case when 40% […] [Read More]
Golden Underwear

Gilded Age

Westport, through the ages, has seen many twists and turns. As the river bends its way through downtown and out past the mouth into the sound; it passes like history itself, seemingly always changing. The first great age for Westport was the age of the Wooly Mammoth. More than 10,000 years have passed since the […] [Read More]

Baron’s — way to go westport

Westport – Conn. Well, it’s Saturday morning. My heart is heavy. I’ve been thinking about the Baron’s Land; specifically the upcoming decision by P&Z to allow (or not) for the the change of the proposed use from %60 affordable units to %20 affordable units. It would seem that this is more than just a change in a […] [Read More]

Downtown Planning Committee’s ‘French Farce’

The ‘Your Downtown’ campaign; being pushed by the selectmen’s office is doing a disservice to the public. The publicity efforts, like posters and the website, are creating an unrealistic expectation; that the ideas for downtown have not already been decided upon by the committee. Last week I watched the minutes of the Downtown Steering Committee […] [Read More]