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Obama Delivered

His speech last night was amazing. When he was first coming on to the scene 8 years ago I was a little skeptical. He was like a shiny new penny. And then, during his time in office there were moments

Happy New Year — Video

This last year just kicked ass! This new year is going to be even better — I can just tell… oh man I’m in a good mood:
Beau Allen, seen here at Cobb's Mill Inn, will be performing at First Night in Westport at 7;30 PM New Years Eve an the Seabury Center downtown / Photo: Todd Tracy for /earst CT Media

Beau Allen First Night

Beau Allen is a critically acclaimed Broadway singer, he performs with emotion. He has had several leading and upcoming roles this year. He has a passion for the Broadway and American Classics. Be
The Dodd family arrive in Germany 1933

Garden of Beasts

In The Garden of Beasts This week I have been reading an historical masterpiece. “In the Garden of Beasts” is insidiously enthralling as a serious page turner of true history, my favorite kind. World
Freedom Tower as seen from Sherwood Island Sunday 12/30/2012 Photo: Todd Tracy

Will Not Stop Giving

Westport, Conn. Thanksgiving 2015 — BLACK FRIDAY   Westport is a magical place. I am thankful for all the people that go into making Westport such a great and fun place to be, or that have grown
The sunsetting over downtown last night.

Killer Curb

Killer Curb I was hanging out downtown this past Sunday. It was empty down there, hardly any one walking around, real slow for a weekend afternoon. Downtown is dead without the YMCA! I’m sure the
Can Westport really compete with this? Do we want to?

Downtown vs The SoNo Collection

With its newly minted red brick sidewalks and old timey new lamp posts downtown Westport is truly a unique lower Fairfield County shopping destination. The downtown implementation committee is hard at

Downtown & Dostoyevsky Revisiting the Inquisitor

I am reading Crime & Punishment by F. Dostoyevsky and decided to look up some of the critical analysis. I had read The Brothers Karamazov last year. A lot of the critiques look at and compare the