Tractor trailer crashes on I-95 in Greenwich

Photo courtesy of the Greenwich Fire Union.

Emergency crews were on scene for more than five hours Monday night into Tuesday morning clearing the scene of a crash that left this tractor trailer crumpled but its driver uninjured.

Greenwich Fire Department Deputy Chief Keith Millette said firefighters responded along with state police at about 8:30 p.m. to the crash, which happened when one tractor trailer collided with another on Interstate 95 southbound between exits 3 and 2.

Traffic was snarled for several miles back toward Stamford while a tractor trailer carrying newsprint was blocking one lane of the highway.

Millette said none of the newsprint fell out of the truck, but it was impossible to get the truck out of the way until all the newsprint was unloaded on to a different truck.

The second truck didn’t arrive until after 4 a.m., resulting in lengthy delays for motorists making their way toward New York state, Millette said.

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Ben Doody

2 Responses

  1. Duncan says:

    Right, truck drivers are the ONLY careless drivers on the road. I have seen many a careless idiot drivers cut trucks (any vehicle for that matter) off with less than half a car link to spare. the same kind of ash holss who will cut through the rest stops, or drive down the breakdown lane and cut into traffic just to get ahead or run stop signs, park in fire lanes (the list goes on) because they think they are above the rules of the road. Have you driven an eighteen wheeler hauling a couple thousand pounds? Do you understand they have to shift through gears just to get moving and slowly at that. They are also on strict deadlines because we as consumers expect everything the second we think about it. A good majority of these guys live in their cabs during long hauls. It’s not the most glamorous job, but if you want your new coffee maker, it’s gotta get to the store (or your doorstep) somehow. Now, that being said, i do agree that there are a few bad apples that spoil the bunch and a few should have their licenses revoked. Don’t be so narrow minded thinking that truck drivers are the only bad drivers out there.

  2. Susan says:

    As someone who takes 95 to work every day, I see more than my fair share of misses with these careless truck drivers. Many drive the center lane, waiting until the last minute to see if the weigh station is open and then cut off some poor, unsuspecting driver in the right lane. They also often clog the third lane waiting to pull into the station and drivers are forced to slam on their brakes and others who can’t wait 5 seconds fly into the center lane. Just this morning, the station was full and 2 rigs just carelessly pulled back into traffic. This station is incredibly dangerous and needs to be more closely monitored. It’s a miracle that we haven’t had more accidents like this one.