7:30 a.m. traffic update

Route 8: Southbound there is heavy volume for three exits, from Pershing Drive in Ansonia (16) to Howe Avenue in Shelton (14). Expect to move at about 32 miles per hour through the area.

I-95: Southbound is jammed from Exit 29 in Bridgeport out past Exit 22, North Benson Road in Fairfield. Although speeds vary, none of the clusters of cars will be going more than 33 miles per hour, the DOT says, and in some spots the average speed is about half that.

I-95 Northbound: Construction on the new Moses Wheeler Bridge is wrecking havoc for several miles. Traffic is standing still at some spots, rubber-banding in others, as travel lanes are shifted from one side to the other. Just think of how great it will be when the bridge is done.

Traffic on I-95 north near Broad Street in Stratford.

Traffic on I-95 north near Broad Street in Stratford.

Merritt Parkway: There is the usual stop-and-go traffic from the Sikorsky Bridge out to Fairfield, nearly 20 miles of creeping along, watching the dashboard clock and wishing you’d left earlier.

Frank Juliano