7:30 a.m. traffic update

This is one of the better commutes in weeks. Sure, there’s some congestion here and there, but otherwise it’s a decent ride.

Interstate 95

Heaviest traffic is from Exit 29 in Bridgeport to Exit 22 in Fairfield. It’s slow, but traffic is moving. Live cam.

Past Fairfield traffic picks up speed then slows again in Norwalk to the Route 7 merge. Live cam.

Through Darien and onto Stamford and Greenwich, traffic is moving at a decent clip. Live cam.

Merritt Parkway

A solid line of traffic from Exit 49 in Trumbull down to Exit 41 in Westport. It lightens up past Route 7 in Norwalk. Good ride down to Stamford to the NY border.

Interstate 84

In good shape except for EB in Waterbury where traffic is crawling past the Brass City Mall. Live cam.

Routes 7, 8 and 25

Good rolling with no major bottlenecks or accidents.



Jim Shay