9 a.m. traffic update

Interstate 95

Things are getting better by the minute as the morning rush hour winds down.

Yet, it’s still slow SB  starting at Exit 18 in Westport down to Exit 13 in Darien.

After that speeds picks up and congestion loosens up.

Exit 18 live cam in Westport

Exit 15 live cam in Norwalk

Exit 13 live cam in Darien

Exit 8 live cam in Stamford

In the New Haven area, heavy NB congestion starts at Exit 42 and crawls through Long Wharf.

Merritt Parkway

No major bottlenecks. Just slow traffic in the low 40s from Westport Exit 42 down to north Stamford.

Wilbur Cross

Earlier slowdown across the Sikorsky Memorial Bridge into Milford and Orange are now gone.


On schedule.



Jim Shay