7:30 a.m. traffic update

There are delays now on I-95 southbound, in Norwalk and Fairfield.

The hang-up in Norwalk is just before Exit 15, and in Fairfield it starts by Exit 24, Kings Highway, due to an accident. The shoulder is blocked right now. There are also people ahead of you who have never seen an accident before.

Things get better out by Exit 21, Mill Plain Road. The average speed of traffic there is 31 miles per hour, the DOT reports. That’s pretty much how fast you’ll be going until you get to the Norwalk slow-down, which will drop your forward movement down to about 19 miles per hour.

Expect a 14-mile stretch of rubber-banding in that area.

I-95 at Pine Creek Road in Fairfield.

I-95 at Pine Creek Road in Fairfield.

The busiest stretch of the Merritt Parkway right now is between the Route 8/25 interchange in Bridgeport out to Easton Turnpike, Route 59. Things are crawling along at 16 miles per hour.

Route 8 is still clear down through the Valley, and the trains are on time.

Frank Juliano