7:30 a.m. traffic update

A fatal crash involving two tractor trailers and a service vehicle is in the process of being cleared on I-95 northbound in Greenwich, but there are still huge delays.

The left lane has reopened on the northbound side of I-95 between Exits 2-3. Traffic is squeezing by but the backup extends for miles, to cars waiting on I-287 in New York waiting to get onto 95.

Traffic is otherwise remarkably light for this hour of a weekday, with the usual choke points yet to develop.  There is heavy volume on I-95 through the Long Wharf area of New Haven, across the Moses Wheeler Bridge and from Bridgeport to Fairfield on the southbound side, but drivers are able to maintain an average speed of 53 miles per hour — practically the speed limit– through all of those areas, the DOT reports.

The story is pretty much the same on the Merritt Parkway where, except for slowdowns where Route 8/25 joins in Bridgeport and Route 7 in Norwalk, traffic is moving smoothly even though there is a lot of it.

Closer to Greenwich the impact of the I-95 crash is being felt.

Route 8 is clear through the Valley and the trains are on time.

Commerce Drive/State Street in Bridgeport, on I-95.

Commerce Drive/State Street in Bridgeport, on I-95.


Frank Juliano