8 a.m. traffic update

The fatal truck crash in Greenwich has tied I-95 in knots this morning. The highway has reopened at the crash site, between Exits 2 and 3 on the northbound side, but there is such a long line of cars and trucks waiting to squeeze through that drivers in Rye N.Y. are waiting their turn.

If you can possibly avoid the area — even if you are headed southbound — do it. Route 1 could save you time, and so could the Merritt, although cars and small trucks with combination plates have been diverted there for hours.

While the down-county commute is a mess, things are better in the Bridgeport area. There are none of the usual slowdowns or rubber-banding, although volume is building by the downtown exits and where Route 8/25 connects.

There is also some backup on I-95 southbound in Darien, the DOT reports.

The Merritt Parkway is also carrying fewer vehicles than usual for a weekday morning, and drivers can maintain an average speed of 53 miles per hour through much of the stretch from the Sikorsky Bridge through Fairfield, the DOT reports.

Route 8 remains clear through the Valley.

Metro North is reporting 10 minute delays on New Haven line trains.

Exit 8, Elm Street in Stamford, on I-95.

Exit 8, Elm Street in Stamford, on I-95.

Frank Juliano