7:30 a.m. traffic update

I-95 at Pembroke Street in Bridgeport.

I-95 at Pembroke Street in Bridgeport.

Was your plan to leave the house early this morning, to beat the rush?

You are too late. That was everyone else’s plan too.

I-95 is crawling now from the Route 8/25 connector in Bridgeport out to North Benson Road in Fairfield. The DOT estimates that your average speed through that stretch will be 16 miles per hour. But it won’t even feel that fast.

The Merritt Parkway has heavy traffic too. It starts to get real busy around Exit 48, at the Bridgeport–Trumbull line, but it’s stop-and-go well before that. Out by the Black Rock Turnpike exit you’ll be moving at 9 miles per hour — yikes!

The parkway opens up again at the Main Avenue North exit, meaning there is at least a 15-mile stretch where you’ll be barely moving. If you are still home, it might be worth it to wait a bit. This is probably as bad as it is going to get, volume-wise.

Route 8 remains clear through the Valley and the trains are on time.

Frank Juliano