Don’t “block the box” in Shelton

The “Blocking the Box” requirements have now been completed at several intersections in downtown Shelton, police said Wednesday, and enforcement may begin under the state law.

The intersections at Howe Avenue at Center Street, Bridge Street and White Street, and Center Street and Coram Avenue have been painted, and signs have been posted making them compliant with the statute.

Motorists should be prepared for police enforcement at those intersections, said Lt. Robert Kozlowsky, the police department spokesman. Violation of the law is an infraction and carries a $117.00 fine.

“The purpose of this law is not only to help with the flow of traffic, but also to allow emergency vehicles to get through the intersections safely,” Chief Joel W. Hurliman said. “We hope to have voluntarily compliance with the law rather than issue tickets.”

Here is the text of the state law:

Sec. 14-250b. Obstructing intersection. (a) No operator of a motor vehicle, other than a tractor-trailer unit, as defined in section 14-1, shall proceed into an intersection that has been designated, posted and marked by a municipality in accordance with subsection (b) of this section, except when making a turn, unless there is sufficient space on the opposite side of the intersection to accommodate such motor vehicle without obstructing the passage of other vehicles or pedestrians, notwithstanding the indication of a traffic control signal that would permit such operator to proceed into the intersection.

(b) Any municipality may, by ordinance, designate one or more intersections within that municipality to which the provisions of subsection (a) of this section shall apply. The municipality shall (1) post signs at each such designated intersection indicating that blocking the intersection is prohibited and violators are subject to a fine, and (2) mark, in white paint, the boundary of such intersection with a line not less than one foot in width and the area within such boundary line with parallel diagonal lines not less than one foot in width.

(c) Any person who violates the provisions of subsection (a) of this section shall have committed an infraction.



Frank Juliano