7:30 a.m. traffic update

I-95 at the Fairfield Service Plaza

I-95 at the Fairfield Service Plaza

Heavy volume on I-95 southbound is becoming a problem, particularly around Exit 16, East Avenue in Norwalk and near the Fairfield rest area.The DOT estimates that vehicles are travelling an average of 16 miles per hour from downtown Bridgeport to the Sherwood Island Connector in Westport, with pockets that are moving a bit faster.

To put it into perspective, it could take an hour to go that distance, but it probably won’t. Tailgating won’t help.

The Merritt Parkway is backed up at Exit 47, Park Avenue in Fairfield. For several miles before that you’ll be moving between the gas pedal and the brake a lot. The average speed between the Route 8/25 connector and the Park Avenue exit is 37 mph, the DOT says.

Route 8 remains clear and Metro North trains are on or close to schedule, though one regular commuter from Milford said his train car was “as cold as a meat locker” this morning.

He won’t get much sympathy today.




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