8 a.m. traffic update

Interstate 95

We’ve got heavy congestion in two locations where speeds have been knocked down into the teens:

Traffic slows in the SB lanes at Exit 17 in Westport.

Traffic slows in the SB lanes at Exit 17 in Westport.

The stretch between Exit 27 in Bridgeport down to around Exit 21 in Fairfield,

From Exit 17 in Saugatuck down to Exit 13 in Darien.

The better ride is Down County through Stamford where speeds average about 45 mph.

The ride to New Haven is still looking good.

Merritt Parkway

Lots of company on the parkway this morning.

From Trumbull to New Canaan, it’s a slow crawl with speeds in the upper 30 mph range.

Heaviest traffic is between the Route 25 intersection and Exit 44 in Fairfield. Also a very slow crawl once past Route 7 into New Canaan.

Once you get into North Stamford, it’s a nice ride to the Hutch.

Interstate 84

Starting to see volume building eastbound from NY State into Danbury.

Heavy traffic causing eastbound slowdowns in Waterbury past the Mixmaster.

Route 7

Southbounders are slow near the 95 merge.

Route 8

A nice southbound ride down from the Valley, even across the Hull bridge.

Slows down near the merge with Route 25 in Trumbull.

There is a slight delay near the I-95 merge in B-Port.


On or close to schedule.







Jim Shay