8 a.m. traffic update

The congestion is moving south, like a bad cold moving from your head to your chest.

Right now the worst section of I-95 south, traffic-wise, is in Darien, and the busiest part of the Merritt Parkway passes through Westport.

I-95 first. The delays begin at Exit 26 in downtown Bridgeport and now go all the way out to Exit 13, a distance of more than 15 miles. The DOT reports an average speed of 16 miles per hour for most of that route, so plan accordingly.

The Merritt backup stretches for nearly 8 miles, from Exit 47 to Exit 42. Average speed here is 29 miles per hour and the toughest spot is at the service plaza, just before exit 44.

Route 8 is OK and Metro North is keeping to the printed schedule.

I-95 at Lockwood Avenue in Norwalk.

I-95 at Lockwood Avenue in Norwalk.


Frank Juliano