Everybody’s headed where you are

A disabled vehicle just past the Woodward Avenue exit on the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge has just been cleared. it was serving as a cork in the bottle for people trying to get from New Haven and points east into Fairfield County.

The usual morning bottleneck on I-95 in Norwalk is already in place. On the southbound side everything from Connecticut Avenue back into Bridgeport is moving very slowly. There are no major accidents along that 15 mile stretch, just too many vehicles in a hurry, headed in the same direction.

The Merritt Parkway isn’t quite as backed up, though you’ll have a lot of company from Fairfield into Norwalk.

I-95 in Fairfield, 7:40 a.m.

I-95 in Fairfield, 7:40 a.m.

I-84, which has been jammed in Waterbury is now also clogged into downtown Hartford, and near Governor’s Avenue in East Hartford. if you are headed into Hartford this morning, be advised too that I-91 is backed up at Exit 33, Jennings Road and at Exit 27, Brainard Road.

Route 2 and Route 3, connecting Rocky Hill to Hartford, are also busy, State Police report.


Frank Juliano