Now things are heating up on the highway

I-95 southbound is backed up now from Exit 18 in Westport to Exit 14, Connecticut Avenue in Norwalk. The DOT estimates that your average speed through that area will be 11 miles per hour. Some people (but not me) can WALK faster than that.

There is a motor vehicle accident still waiting to clear on I-95 in Norwalk. It is on the southbound side, just before Exit 15 and the Route 7 access. That is part of the problem, but most of it seems to be heavy volume, and a lot of people leaving the house late this morning.

I-95 is slow in Greenwich too, especially near Exit 2, Doran Avenue. You might hit 33 miles per hour there, the DOT says. Cheer up, that 3 times faster than folks are moving in Norwalk.

Metro North Railroad is reporting that all of its New Haven Line trains are again running at or close to schedule.

The Merritt Parkway and Route 8 are flowing smoothly at this hour.

I-95 at East Avenue in Norwalk, 9:15 a.m.

I-95 at East Avenue in Norwalk, 9:15 a.m.

Frank Juliano