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Southwestern Connecticut traffic updates from the staff at Hearst Connecticut Media Group

Roads are wet but not crowded


The Route 8/25 connector at John Street in Bridgeport.

The Route 8/25 connector at John Street in Bridgeport.

The Friday morning commute so far is not a bad one.

The Merritt Parkway and I-95 are both relatively free of congestion and the heavy traffic volume that can make getting to work the hardest part of the day.

The tractor-trailer accident in Clinton is not causing major delays for commuters headed into New Haven, and closer to home we’re seeing just the beginning stages of build-up on local roads and the highways.

There is a pocket — or a “cohort” as the DOT likes to call it — of heavy traffic on I-95 southbound at the downtown Bridgeport exits. It is heaviest at the Route 8/25 interchange.

Another slowdown is in Norwalk, where Route 7 ties into I-95 and also near the Connecticut Avenue exit.

The Merritt’s hot spots are at the Route 8/25 ramps, at the Park Avenue and the Route 111 exits. There is a smaller, slow-moving cohort near the Fairfield Service Plaza and Exit 22.

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