Slow going in Bridgeport and Norwalk

Traffic planners like to call them “cohorts,” which makes it sound like a “we’re all in this together” situation. Right now there are two major cohorts on I-95 southbound but you aren’t likely to feel kinship with them.

Because they are trying to get to the same place you are.

And they want to get there ahead of you.

The first bunching of vehicles starts at the Exit 27A ramp into downtown Bridgeport and continues to Exit 22, North Benson Road in Fairfield. Traffic is moving at a crawl, 16 miles per hour, the DOT estimates, which will give you plenty of time to bond with the other drivers.

The Exit 22 off-ramp is closed for paving, by the way, so if you need to reach this section of Fairfield it’s best to get off at Exit 23, Kings Highway.

The next clump of cars and trucks starts at the Sherwood Island Connector, Exit 18 and goes to the Connecticut Avenue exit in Norwalk . The average speed through there is 33 miles per hour, the DOT says. if that feels slow, remember it’s twice as fast as they’re moving in Bridgeport.

The Merritt Parkway is busy and you’ll encounter some stop-and-go traffic from the Route 111 exit in Trumbull to Weston Road. But this is the better drive for a lot of reasons, including the flow of traffic, so if the Merritt will get you where you need to go, its the less-stressful option.

The trains are on time.

I-95 at the Sherwood Island Connector.

I-95 at the Sherwood Island Connector.

Frank Juliano