It’s a horror show on I-95

live (3)It’s a mess in Milford.

That tractor-trailer accident just before the Moses Wheeler Bridge is like putting a cork in a bottle. Everything behind it is backed up, almost to the center of Milford.

One bright spot: if you can get to Exit 38, about two miles from the crash, you can dart onto the Merritt Parkway via the Milford Connector.

But be quick about it. Everybody else trying to get to work in Fairfield County from points east is going to try the same thing.

Traffic is stopped completely at the crash site, which involves multiple vehicles, including one rollover and the truck. No word on injuries yet. Expect delays of at least 30 minutes from this.

The backup extends to Exit 39, which accesses the Westfield mall and downtown Milford. If you need to get north, to the Valley, get off I-95 at Exsit 41, Marsh Hill Road in Orange, turn right and cross the Boston Post Road onto Lambert Road. Cut across to Orange Center Road and that will bring you to Route 34 and access to Route 8 at Exit 15.

If you need to get to Fairfield County, do the same thing only head south on Route 8, which will tie into I-95 in Bridgeport– about 10 miles beyond the crash site.


Frank Juliano