So far… so good on the roads

I-95 at Wordin Avenue in Bridgeport

I-95 at Wordin Avenue in Bridgeport

The normal heavy volume we see on Fairfield County roads is out there waiting for you, but there are no accidents to report and, while you won’t quite reach the speed limit on I-95  you will have that sense of forward motion that keeps frustration at bay.

And you’ll be able to sip your coffee without spilling any on yourself, as long as you keep the proper distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you.

Here’s the situation out there:

I-95: Once you get to Myrtle Avenue in Bridgeport you’ll need to tap your brakes. The average speed here is 45 mph, the DOT says, which doesn’t mean that the idiot behind you won’t try to go 60.

It gets worse. Out by Commerce Drive/State Street, Exit 25, the average speed will drop to 33 mph. Things open up a bit in Southport, by Exit 19.

The Merritt Parkway: Flowing smoothly so far.

Route 8/25: It is busy northbound starting at Lindley Street (Exit 4) in Bridgeport and on into Shelton. There is also a bit of a backup southbound at Fairifeld Avenue, Exit 2, where vehicles are waiting to merge onto the interstate.

Metro North Railroad trains are running at or close to schedule.

Frank Juliano