Traffic: not as bad as it could be

Usually at this hour of a weekday morning, the traffic density map looks like a bowl of spaghetti: bright red lines interlaced with yellow ones, the parmesan cheese over the sauce that represents the tangled traffic on the highways.

This morning, though, there is yellow and some orange to indicate slightly heavier traffic (or some bell peppers) but its a relatively low-carb rush hour.

I-95 in Bridgeport is dense but moving, at an average speed of 31-45 miles per hour, according to data from the state DOT traffic cams. That’s about twice as fast as some mornings.

It is slow in spots on the northbound side of the highway, too, for some of that stretch.

There is another area of dense traffic in Norwalk and Darien, stretching from Saugatuck Avenue at Exit 17 almost to Atlantic Avenue in Stamford. You’ll be going 33-38 miles per hour through there.

One of the most clogged sections of highway in our region right now is Route 7 south, from Grumman Hill Road to Route 1.

The Merritt Parkway is delay-free all the way from the Sikorsky Memorial Bridge to New Canaan, where it bogs down a bit.

Metro North trains are experiencing a 10-minute delay because of an earlier disabled train near Fordham.

I-95 near the Fairfield Service Plaza, 8 a.m.

I-95 near the Fairfield Service Plaza, 8 a.m.

Frank Juliano