Today, Metro-North on – or close – to schedule

Unlike yesterday, Metro-North is reporting no delays.Metro-North_train_1567_enters_Stamford

“Track work” in Greenwich caused delays more than 20 minutes during both the morning and evening commute.

Today. Metro-North is reporting trains on or close to schedule.

Twitterverse is virtually free of complaints about MNRR this AM. That wasn’t the case on Thursday when pissed-off rail commuters blasted the railroad on Twitter with a barrage of complaints.

So far, commuters seem satisfied. Or as satisfied as a Metro-North commuter can be.

“Holy smokes…my train is on time this morning,” Joemanc31 tweeted this morning.

Just to be sure, you might want to check if your train is really running on time.

To check the status of your train, click here.


Jim Shay