More than 16 miles of delays on I-95, Merritt

We’ve reached the peak of the rush hour. And we’re paying the price with long delays on the Merritt and I-95.

Interstate 95

Heading southbound into Stamford on I-95.

Heading southbound into Stamford on I-95.

The state Department of Transportation says delays stretch 17.5 miles from Exit 27 in Bridgeport to Exit 11 in Darien.

The slowest traffic is crawling along in the teens from Bridgeport to Exit 22 in Fairfield.

After that it’s a 30-37 mph drive down to points south. Exit 15 in Norwalk live cam.

Heading into downtown Stamford there is a backup building around Exit 9. Live cam.

No accident, just lots of vehicles on the road.

In New Haven, there are northbound delays in Long Wharf.

Merritt Parkway

No better here with a 16.6 mile delay from Exit 50 in Trumbull to just past Norwalk.

The slowest traffic, in the teens, is between Trumbull and Black Rock Turnpike.

Interstate 91

Very heavy southbound a few miles before the 95 merge.

Interstate 84

Heavy westbound traffic between Southbury and Danbury. The heaviest traffic is in Newtown with speeds knocked down to the mid-30s mph. Live cam.

In Waterbury, eastbound is still a mess around the Brass City Mall, live cam.

Route 8

Southbound traffic crossing the Commodore Hull Bridge in Derby/Shelton slows down into the mid-30s mph.


Still running on or close to schedule. Check the status of your train here.


Jim Shay