Metro-North: Trains on or close to schedule


At 9:08 a.m., Metro-North reported that trains are now running “on or close to schedule.:

For about three hours Wednesday morning, EASTBOUND trains through the vicinity of Bridgeport were running up to 15 minutes

The railroad saids the delay was caused by “wire damage.”

To check the status of your train, click here for Train Time.

A check showed some westbound trains are also running late. The 7:55 in Stamford was running 11 minutes late, then later “cancelled.”

Judging from the pissed-off tweets, there appears to be other “issues” with Metro-North this morning …

MikeyP tweeted: “7:12 from STAM to GCT 10-15 min late. I hate you”

Paul Seucec tweeted: “good job with no announcement of track change for 7:09 out of Stratford thus morning”

David Durgy asked: “@MetroNorth Any thoughts as to why Stratford station didn’t announce 7:29 NH bound wasn’t stopping in Milford?”

“It seems like @MetroNorth is still on vacation. Another 15 late train & another day having to apologize for being late to a meeting.” tweeted John Clair.

“@MetroNorth Really dropping the ball with these train schedules ever since the derailment #commuterproblems #solate,” tweeted Brittany Blasone.

Tri-state commute asked: “@MetroNorth why do we pay hundreds of dollars to be late, stand, sit on the floor and have the occasional hot car?!”


Jim Shay