Metro-North updates

chooMetro-North is reporting trains are on or close to schedule.

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Get your stop watch ready …

Metro-North says: “By national industry standard, a commuter train is considered On Time if it arrives at its final destination within 5 minutes and 59 seconds of its scheduled arrival time.”

OK. Then some trains like the 8:10 out of Stamford to GTC is running 7 minutes late. And the 8:19 to GCT is 6 minutes late.

There are also some delays on CT-bound trains from GCT.

The Danbury line, where bus service was substituted last night, is now back to train service. Buses were used because of a fire near the tracks in Bethel.

But, 0ne Danbury line rider tweeted at 6:50 a.m. trains are running late.

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Rebekah Singer @bekahsinger

@MetroNorth @News12CT 8:15 arrival to GCT – Danbury Branch is running 15 minutes late this morning #metronorth #mta

On the New Haven Line, the complaints continue …

Metro north is messing up…#metronorth #710train

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Suzanne Becker @beckssuki1

Good job @MetroNorth. Continuimg to ruin peoples days one delayed train ride @ a time. #metronorth#yousuck

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tri-state commute @TCommute

@MetroNorth just heard these terrible delays will last until November?! Are you serious? Wasting our time one minute at a time.

Hey, one guy is happy…

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Malék @diditright2

Read Hearst Connecticut reporter Martin Cassidy’s story about Metro-North riders’ growing frustration over delays from rail replacement projects.

You can read it here.

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