Friday night commute: Slow, but not standstill

Here’s what traffic looks like on your way home tonight. Things are moving, but lots of tapping on the brakes.

I-95 NB: Slow from Old Greenwich to Southport, with speeds in the teens and 20s. Slowest spot is right around Norwalk.

Merritt Parkway: Moving much faster going toward Bridgeport, with speeds in the 40s and 50s. There is a big slow down from Norwalk to Westport, where speeds drop into the single digits. Still trying to figure out what’s happening there.

Southbound routes on both highways look much better. The only concern in that direction is a slowdown on the Merritt in Greenwich near the New York state line. There’s an accident there that’s blocking the left lane between exits 29 and 27.


Wes Duplantier