ConEd, Metro-North get ready to test power

ConEdison splicers connect mobile transformer at Harrison. N.Y.

ConEdison splicers connect mobile transformer at Harrison. N.Y.

Metro-North and utility company officials plan to throw the switch Saturday on a jury-rigged system that would provide enough power for some electric trains to pass through a section of track knocked out earlier this week after a 138,000-volt feeder cable failed. The mishap brought train service on the nation’s second-busiest rail line to a virtual standstill.

Officials said they will have an idea if the fix is working by Sunday night.

Over the past three days, Con Edison crews have worked feverishly to install three heavy-duty transformers near the Harrison, N.Y., station that will draw power from the local neighborhood and convert it for use by the railroad.

That power will replace what was lost when a large feeder cable for the railroad’s electricity gave out early Wednesday in Mount Vernon, N.Y., setting off three days of travel chaos.

The temporary system will provide less than 10 percent of the normal power to the line, but Metro-North believes that should be enough to get at least one electric train through the affected area every 15 minutes.



Jim Shay