Malloy: Con Ed needs to work faster, pay up

Metro North trains are running normally again, but Gov. Dannel Malloy still isn’t happy.

In a letter released today, the Democratic governor says that utility company Con Edison needs to work more quickly to fix the feeder cable in upstate New York that failed late last month, setting off an 11-day power outage.

Con Ed hasn’t actually fixed that line. They got the trains running again by putting a different line back in service. But Malloy said both should be up and running. The second line is expected to be fixed by Oct. 22, which Malloy said is too slow.

“This corridor is too critical to our economy to have this repair delayed any longer.  I urge you to apply all possible resources and scheduling techniques to complete this project much sooner than October 22.”

The governor also said Con Ed should reimburse Metro North for the cost of ticket credits the railroad will be giving out to riders who were affected by the outage.

And Malloy said that while the outage was handled within a matter of days, it still had an adverse affect on the state’s economy.

“The importance of this line to our local economy cannot be understated,” he wrote.  “By conservative estimates, the recent disruption caused a loss of $62 million to my state’s economy.  Another disruption will only amplify that cost.  It is in the long term interest of our region to have a safe and reliable New Haven Line.”

In a statement Friday afternoon, Con Ed didn’t address the issue of the ticket credits or the lost economic impact.

“We continue to work around-the-clock to make repairs to the remaining feeder in Mt. Vernon and are doing everything we can to expedite the restoration,” the utility said.  “Once this is done, there will be many issues to discuss with the MTA, including their contingency plans.”

Wes Duplantier