Metro-North now on or close to schedule


Metro-North is now saying that New haven Line trains are operating on or close to schedule.

For about 90 minutes Tuesday morning there were delays of 10 to 15 minutes due to track work in the vicinity of Harlem – 125th Street.

To check to see if your train is on time, click here.

The delays triggered complaints on Twitter.

#MetroNorth eastbound is running 17 mins late…again. Aargh! Could it be payback for yesterday’s slapdown from CT senators?

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Melina @oyemenena

Seriously now, expensive service should not equal broken down trains and so many delays. Get your stuff together

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JC @pwnderpants

I don’t think this train will make it to GC at 9:58am thanks @MTA#MetroNorth fails again!

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Rene Campos Jr. @ReneCJ22

The trains should be listed with a range instead of a set time. This 9:22 is late 80% of the time.

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Michael Greve @mikegreve

Late and no seats is the new normal @MetroNorth




Jim Shay