Evening commute looking pretty good

Today’s evening commute looks pretty smooth with traffic moving at regular speeds  along most major roads. Interstate 95, the Merritt Parkway and Route 7 are all going about 50 mph.

If you’re driving in Bridgeport, avoid North Avenue between Lindley and Boston. A water main break has made traffic a mess in the area and it’s expected to be that way for several hours.

There was an accident on Route 8 in Bridgeport around 5:30 p.m., but that appears to have cleared. However, traffic on the northbound side is very, very slow as people are backed up at Exit 4 because of the water main break.

If you’re on the Merritt, you’ll tap the brakes around the Route 7 interchange in Norwalk, but the slowdown isn’t too bad.



Wes Duplantier