Evening commute: Merritt looks best

The clocks have changed and now it’s much darker out there for your evening ride home tonight. People should drive more carefully, but so far the darkness isn’t affecting the commute.

So far, we’re seeing the usual delays, but the Merritt Parkway looks like a much better option than I-95 in both directions.

The Merritt’s running at about normal speeds, save for a slow spot in Norwalk just past the Route 7 interchange.

Interstate 95 northbound is much slower, in the 20s from Stamford to Fairfield, but picking up speed after Bridgeport. The southbound lanes are better until Exit 7, where construction is causing a big slowdown.

Routes 7 and 8 are looking good, as is the Milford Parkway.

After experiencing several delays this morning, Metro North looks to be running on schedule at all stops and on all Connecticut branches.


Wes Duplantier