Metro-North now on ‘or close’ to schedule

Updated: 12:33

New Haven Line Service is now operating on or close to schedule.

To check and see if your train is on time, click here.

On on Twitter, as usual, we got some Metro-North rants going on …

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Jamie McLellan @mclellanjamie

@MetroNorth revise the schedule and manage expectations better !

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The Boop Blog @TheBoopBlog

#Metronorth #rant whats up w/ AM riders & uncharged devices? Yes I mind wires running over lap and under feet to reach plug. Charge at nite?

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denise @deniselao

@MetroNorth: New Haven Line continues to experience delays of up to 15 minutes due to congestion caused by track work.” What else is new

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@MetroNorth When will this improve? Everyday you send the same tweet & everyday my train is really late

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Taylor Fuller @taylor_fuller

@MetroNorth is awful this morning. Now not only am I going to be late to work, but I’m going to have to stand on my ride. So thanks for that

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George Apazidis @georgeapazidis

watching parking lot on 95S and thinking this might be the best $60 I ever spent.

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Sarcastic Commuter @SrcasticCommutr

Stay classy @MTA @MetroNorth. You have one job to do and you screwed it up.

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Steve McNally @sjkmcnally

Humbling that fallen leaves on tracks Can slow tons of steel and tech To a crawl @MetroNorth@steveintransit

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Laura DiMugno @KeepItGreenLD

Something every day… Harlem line trains already 10 min late before they even arrive; construction zone still to come. @MetroNorth

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MissHellinHeels @NishaChristina

Taking the metronorth again to work ???? I have a crazy fear of being late to a new job .

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Peter @peterbr22

@MetroNorth adjust the schedule! This can’t continue to happen everyday.

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DJ Carl Carfi @DJCarlCarfi

@MetroNorth I don’t think it will ever improve. They will just continue to raise fares and lower service reliability.

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david w grunner @DavidWGrunner

@BradSerton @MetroNorth I’m collecting all of these tweets and turning them into a Beowulfesque epic poem.


Jim Shay